Chemical Peels

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Chemical peels can address many skin issues including sun damage, melasma, acne and hyperpigmention. A solution is applied to the skin which will loosen the cellular bond and cause dead skin to slough off over a 3-7 day period. 

Southpark Skin & Laser has a variety of peels and strengths available to specifically customize your treatment for your skin type. Our aesthetician will evaluate and thoroughly cleanse the skin prior to any chemical peel procedure. Most chemical peels are well tolerated and patients find the treatments very comfortable. Depending on the type of peel you receive there may be restrictions (such as no make up for several hours after treatment) or specific after care products for you to use during the peeling process.

Patients see the best result when a series of peels are done in monthly intervals.

To find out if Chemical Peels are right for you call 804.601.8202.